Updating framework

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Updating framework

The Eloquent ORM included with Laravel provides a beautiful, simple Active Record implementation for working with your database.Each database table has a corresponding "Model" which is used to interact with that table.Symfony provides a dedicated application called the Symfony Installer to ease the creation of Symfony applications.This installer is a PHP 5.4 compatible executable that needs to be installed on your system only once: that contains an empty project based on the most recent stable Symfony version available.Therefore, running a Symfony application is a matter of browsing to the project directory and executing this command: The Symfony Installer checks if your system is ready to run Symfony applications.However, the PHP configuration for the command console can be different from the PHP web configuration.However, over the course of the upgrade, I came across a number of problems with less obvious solutions.If you’ve struggled with compile time dependency injection, Akka streams, or properly supported deprecated Play features, then hopefully you’ll find some answers here.

Hopefully, doing so will put us in a good position to move to newer versions of Play when they become available.

The update page will look like this, telling you which version you’re using and what the latest version is: All you need to do is click “Update WPZOOM Framework” and the framework will do its magic, downloading the new version of the framework, extracting it and installing it.

If you then load up the WPZOOM options page, you’ll be able to see the version of the framework you now have, which will be the latest version.

If you still use PHP 5.3 or can't use the Symfony installer for any reason, you can create Symfony applications with Composer, the dependency manager used by modern PHP applications.

If you don't have Composer installed in your computer, start by Symfony leverages the internal PHP web server (available since PHP 5.4) to run applications while developing them.

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As a quick prerequisite, if you’re upgrading from Play 2.3, I’m assuming you’ve read the migration guides found here and here.

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