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Joe Leonard, also involved in the crash, rescued Kenyon from the burning car.

Because of severe burns, Kenyon went through multiple operations at the San Antonio Burn Center, and he lost nearly all of his fingers on his left hand.

He lost control of the car, hit the wall and was knocked unconscious.

He started his music career as a kid rapper in the year 1990.

Mac would later join the Psychoward, a New Orleans group consisting (at the time) of more than 28 MCs.

Psychoward is known (especially in the city) for having a sound that separates itself from the usual Bounce music and gangster/hustler lyrics that typifies most of the New Orleans rap scene, rather focusing on lyricism and a sound which could be described as a New Orleans Wu-Tang Clan.

The first matter to be handled is washing the clay off the car—no one likes working on a dirty race car.

Once this has been achieved, the next task is to disassemble the suspension components and check if the car is still in “square.” The suspension in the rear of these cars is a torsion bar type arrangement, and the front of the car is a coilover shock absorber type.

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Kenyon failed to qualify for his first Indianapolis 500 in 1965.