Historical letters dating to 1700 how to choose a username dating site

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Historical letters dating to 1700

Content yourself with thinking on it, and returning her to life by procuring her return.” The letter itself is marked “neit hebben”, meaning the merchant (and most likely the father of the child) declined to accept it, as researcher Dan Starza Smith, of Oxford University told The Guardian.

Special scanning techniques will help unlock the stories held within the letters, of which 600 are unopened.

A New Jersey museum unearthed dozens lost wines that date back to just after the American Revolution — including the largest known collection of Madeira in the country, according to a report.

Staff at the Liberty Hall Museum, located at Kean University in Union, were working on a six-month restoration project of its wine cellar when they found almost three cases of Madeira wine from 1796 and about 42 demijohns from the 1820s, reported.

Liberty Hall President John Kean told the site that he knew of the collection, but couldn’t have imagined it would be this historically significance.

“We knew there was a lot of liquor down here, but we had no idea as to the age of it,” Kean told

Some of the Madeira wines were shipped to the early residents of Liberty Hall — which had once been home to the prominent Livingston and Kean families — in anticipation of John Adams’ presidency, according to the report.

The monetary value of the Madeira cannot be made public — but it is the largest that has been discovered in the U. — and one of the most extensive in the world, reported.

Apparently writing on behalf of a “mutual friend”, a Dutch opera singer who left for Paris, the letter details of the singer discovering of her pregnancy and appeals for money to make a return trip home.

“I think the most exciting part of it was to find liquor, or Madeira in this case, that goes back so far.

And then trying to trace why it was here and who owned it.” America’s original 13 colonies imported about 95 percent of wine produced on the Madeira Islands, off the coast of Portugal, according to historical accounts.

The letters chosen for the analysis consist of one written to Montagu in her youth by her close friend Lady Margaret Bentinck, the Duchess of Portland in c.

1742, a letter Elizabeth Montagu wrote to her husband in 1757, a letter which a genteel Bluestocking woman wrote to a male aristocrat and fellow Bluestocking in c.

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The sample of four letters dates from the 1740s to the latter half of the 1780s, and the analysis is based on photographs and transcripts made of the original manuscripts in the Montagu family papers.

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