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The new feature, primarily for finding what friends "Like" from music to food and more, is expected to be available more widely over the next few months.After years of playing a de facto cupid among friends, Facebook is no longer just dipping a toe in the online-dating hot tub.Nevertheless, each approach has some pros and cons.Finding a date through social circles helps ensure a sense of connection and shared similarities, but requires direct interaction and limits available options to local people.Or being able to see your friends’ birthdays while browsing online retailers like Is it really Amazon’s business when your friends’ birthdays are? And keep in mind that even though the Facebook platform policies specifically condemn the practice of selling the information to another (fourth) party, companies get in trouble all the time for doing stuff they shouldn’t be doing.And the more companies that have your information, the greater the possibility of leakage.Who do we know in common and what mutual interests do we share?But there is a site out there with 1 billion people that is quite familiar with my friends and me, as well as all of our interests: Facebook.

Graph Search, paired with Facebook's Messenger and Poke apps, will now provide what amounts to a basket of dating tools.

The responsibility of dating sites should be to facilitate great first dates.

Unfortunately, the dating industry has chosen to protect its charge-to-communicate business model instead of give consumers access to information to make an educated decision about a potential date: Is my date a real person?

I met my wife on an online dating site, and we have been happily married for nine years.

Since the launch of Match in 1995, singles have searched for fun and love online by attempting to describe themselves in 500 words or fewer.

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