Craigslist as a dating site

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Craigslist first started as an email list for events in San Francisco in 1995 by Craig Newmark.

In almost 15 years this classifieds website has grown to become the seventh largest English language website.

If you want to make your Craigslist post stand out, you need to put a little more effort into it than the average poster.

Take a little extra time with your next post, and follow this guide for important tips and tricks.

Disclaimer: While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our information at Dating Sites we shall not be held responsible for any discrepancy.Every month Craigslist (not just the online personals section) gets more than 20 billion page views from over 50 million users in the United States alone.This results in 40 million classified ads being posted every month.Kuban was arrested in March and charged with four felony counts.He pleaded guilty to three of those: stalking in violation of a protective order, which carries a one-year mandatory sentence, identity theft, and violating a state protective order. Judge Glen Conrad questioned Kuban extensively about his decision to plead guilty.

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