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We reached out to our Consumer Voices Market Research Online Community members to better understand consumer impressions of chatbots and found that our respondents had a difficult time identifying clear benefits to interacting with them.

Nearly 50 years later, thousands -- maybe millions -- of chatbots populate the internet.The chatbot also represents the risky yet essential innovation happening at the intersection of mental health care and technology.There's no research on whether confiding your fears or frustrations in a chatbot is as effective as seeking professional help from a human trained to treat mental health issues.Bots can help you by providing summaries or gathering key links and sharing the main learning points from the day.They can even send regular reminders and notifications encouraging learners to engage with others in online forums.

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When you launch Woebot in Facebook Messenger, the chatbot's cerulean blue eyes peer out from the screen. Honestly, he adds, humans aren't great at remembering things: "I have a perfect memory so each week I'll give you insight on how your mood changes." Woebot, one of the first chatbots of its kind, is powered by artificial intelligence not to tackle your deepest problems, but to improve your mood, and even alleviate symptoms of depression.

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